Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My 1st entry 2007...

Atlast after days, weeks and months finally i manage to update my blog. I've been trying for many times to update my blog but i ended up deleting it before i could post it to the web. What i hope was a happy new year but what happen lately had shatters all my life and happiness.

But for the past week i try to build up my strenght and see the bright side of me and my future. Alhamdullillah i'm getting better and better each day but there are still things that bothers my mind and i just coundn't figure it out and why...???

If you fall today make sure you don't fall for the next time and if you fall again then you should look where you are heading to and be sure you way and your step so that you wouldn't fall again and be more carefull in you life, insyaallah....